Summer School

Besides foreign students, an increasing number of our own HU students are discovering the benefits of taking English-taught summer courses in an international setting; they use the courses to enhance their CV, to complete any outstanding work and/or to enjoy an international experience at home.

In collaboration with Utrecht University, HU organises  ‘ Utrecht Summerschool’ (the largest of its kind in Europe!)

Students of HU Business & Management programmes (IFA, IBBS, IBA, IMC) do not pay any tuition fees for the Summerschool courses offered by these institutes in Utrecht Summerschool. (we will only charge you for study material, excursions, external licenses etc.)

  • Here you can find the full offer of Utrecht Summerschool;
  • And here the offer of HU Business & Management, including the (highly reduced) prices that apply to you as HU Business student;
  • After graduation, you will still be eligible for a discount on the prices for our summerschool courses;
  • For more information, please mail to

Summerschools of  our International Partners

For the offer of Summer courses of our partners abroad, you can visit this site of the International Office. Depending on your programme of study, you may submit an application to the Board of Examiners for validation of the summer course of your choice. The Board of Examiners will then determine whether or not the course can count towards your total number of ECTS credits.