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What if want or are forced to quit the course or you are considering switching to another course? Here is a summary of the frequently asked questions on switching. 

Withdrawal Before 1 February 

If you are still in your first year and you decide to quit the course early on during that first year, it may well be beneficial to do so before 1 February. Learn why and about the terms below.

The 1 February Regulation

If you terminate your enrolment before 1 February, you do not have to reimburse the additional grant (if you have this) nor the charges for the Free Public Transport Pass for the time you were enrolled as a student. The costs will be waived. If you took out a Government Loan, you do need to reimburse the money you received. 

This regulation applies to students who are Dutch residents and withdrawing from Education altogether. 

Conditions 1 February Regulation 

You can only use this regulation once. The conditions are that you cancelled your Student Grant before1 February, you have been enrolled for a course in Higher Education for the first time and this is the first time you received a grant for studying in Higher Education. The regulation does not apply if you enrol into another course again, during the same Academic Year and if you apply for a Student Grant again. 

Consequences of Withdrawal before 1 February 

If you withdraw during the 1st year, before 1 February, this means you will have withdrawn before receiving the Interim Study Advice. This also means you will not receive a final Binding Study Advice (BSA). Therefore, you can enrol for the same HU Study Programme the next Academic Year again. 

The results you already obtained will remain valid but will not be considered when you receive a new study advice after starting the course again during another Academic Year. This will make it harder to obtain the number of required credits to get a Positive Binding Advice at the end of that year. 

DUO, the organisation who implements grants and Free Public Transport Passes, maintain the rule that you must graduate within 10 years and will add the months you already received a grant and Free Public Transport Pass to your total. 

Please Note: DUO is responsible for the implementation of this regulation, all information provided is intended for informational purposes only.

Withdrawal after 1 February 

Of course, you can also withdraw later during the Academic Year, if you do not wish to use the 1 February Regulation. Find more information about disenrolment at AskHU and also check the information about reimbursement of tuition fees. 

Enrolling for and Starting a New Course 

If you wish to start a new course, then you will usually have to wait until the start of the new Academic Year. 

Usually, you can only start a new course in September. A few Study Programmes have an interim start in February. Make sure you check if this applies to the new course you are interested in. ‘Matchfinder’ in studiekeuze123 (dutch only) helps you filter per course. You can change your settings on the lefthand side of the Study Programme Search. 

Be on time if you wish to enrol for another Study Programme. The deadline is usually set for 1 May.  There are a few exceptions and this deadline does not apply to switchers. Read more below and make sure to check it with the Study Programme.

Enrolling a Course with a Selection Procedure 

For Study Programmes with a Selection Procedure the deadline is very strict and set for early on during the Academic Year, usually 15 January. 

Enrolling after 1 May 

Usually the deadline for enrolling universities who do not have a selection procedure is 1 May for new students. This date changes if you are already studying or studied during the current Academic Year. You are then considered an exception and you will able to enrol after 1 May as well. 

Try to contact the new Study Programme as soon as possible and check if you can still enrol after 1 May and if there are certain conditions. For Study Programmes with a selection procedure the deadline is always 15 January. 

More information on how to enrol other Study Programmes after 1 May, you can find on the national government website or StudyLink.

Assistance when switching 

As soon as you feel you would like to switch, start to discuss the matter. Think about what is making you switch and if it is a good idea. Your Study Career Coach/Team Learning Coach can help you. Still in doubt? No idea how to move on? If you need help deciding what to do or selecting a new course, HU students are entitled to assistance, even (within a year) after leaving the HU.

Check the website of Choice Counselling for more information. The HU has a team of independent Study Choice Counselors who give online assistance, workshops and coaching on choices regarding academic decisions, minors and master programmes. 

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