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Studying and mental or physical impediments

The HU makes sure that students suffering from dyslexia, AD(H)D, autism (spectrum), hearing impairments, academic pressure and so on, are supported. With the help of the Student Counsellor, students can apply for special arrangements and there are training sessions, financial support as well as support groups.

How to Apply for Special Arrangements

As soon as you have been enrolled for one of the HU’s Study Programmes, you can indicate at the start of the course you will need support. It is also possible to file a request later. You must file an official application for the arrangements you need, to support you. To get this set up, you will need to make an appointment with the Student Counsellor. The Student Counsellor will discuss which arrangements are available for your situation and tell you how to apply.

Before you apply for special arrangements you will need an official diagnosis, like a Medical Diagnosis, Dyslexia Certificate issued by an officially recognised authority or a diagnosis issued by your current Psychologist.

For additional information and assistance filing a request, please contact the Student Counsellors at

You can also phone the office on 088 481 3322, between 10:00 and 14:00 every working day (due to circumstances the support line is closed until further notice, the student counsellor can be reached by email). Please bear in mind that everything you discuss with the Student Counsellor is completely confidential.

Request for dyslexia-related facilities for the 2020-2021 academic year

Do you suffer from dyslexia and want to request additional facilities for your exams? You can digitally apply for exam facilities. Here you find how it works:

First step to take:

  1. You can send the official dyslexia statement via email to
  2. You have to indicate which of the following standard facilities you wish to use:

Standard facilities:

  • Extension of the exam time during theory exams by 33%;
  • The use of an HU laptop for reading and typing;
  •  The use of an HU laptop with ClaroRead read-out software;
  • The use of an HU laptop, with the test being read from paper but the answers being entered on the HU laptop.

If you require other facilities, you can make an appointment with the student counsellor. This can be done via email: or by telephone on 088 481 3322, between 10:00 and 14:00 every working day (due to circumstances the support line is closed until further notice, the student counsellor can be reached by email).

As soon as this information is received and the dyslexia statement is approved, your request is forwarded to the student counsellor, asking to honour the request.

Following step:

  1. For the following step you then receive step-by-step instructions.
  2. You have to submit the request to the Examination Board via (as explained in the step-by-step instructions you receive).The request can be submitted from the moment your HU account is activated.In order to be able to use the exam facilities starting from the exam period in block A, the request must have been submitted before Friday 18 September (week 3).

Please note: This application must be submitted no later than the end of week 3 of the first period (period A). Only then will it be possible for you to make use of the facilities during the first exam period, so be quick!

Training Sessions

The HU has training sessions for students, completely free of charge, to help them study to the best of their abilities despite their impairments. For additional information on what is available, check here. At the moment training sessions are offered in dutch only.

Support Groups

Looking for more support and would you like to know how other students with functional limitations or chronic diseases experience studying? The HU has a few support groups you can join.

Student Financial Support Fund

The HU provides financial assistance to students who have problems which cause study delays. Please read the Rules and Regulations for details.

Flexible Study

You can opt for flexible study at the HU. This will enable you to stagger your studies. You can slow down the pace or take on more or less, during a certain time. You must apply for Flex Study at the start of the Academic Year.

The Utrecht and Amersfoort City Councils Offer Grants.

Are you unable to work and study at the same time and do you have a good reason why this is not an option? Do you live in Utrecht? The Utrecht City Council can provide financial support in some cases. Check if this applies to you and register!

The grant is for students who are unable to work because of a mental or physical impairment or chronic disease. Many students combine work and study. If your impairment prevents you from making ends meet, then you possibly may qualify for a grant issued by the city council of your place of residence. For students living in Utrecht the amount was set for €200.- per month, as of 17 January 2019.

To check the conditions and how to apply, go to: (in dutch).

Living in Amersfoort? Go here (in dutch).

Living somewhere else? Every Council has grants available, check the website of your place of residence.

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