For KOM-students

The minor courses available at HU will be published on on 6 February. The minor courses for Kies op Maat is also searchable on this site. Please note that not all HU minors are offered through Kies op Maat.

The courses will be open to KOM students as of 12 April 2019 and registration will close on 7 June 2019 for minor courses starting in September (period AB and continuously running courses) and on 8 November for courses starting in February (period CD). You can enrol for the minors of HU via

Signed learning agreements for period AB and continuously running courses should be e-mailed to by 5 July at the latest. For minor courses starting in period CD, the deadline is 6 December.

The available number of places is limited. Placement is in order of receipt of the signed KOM learning agreements. Your application will not be processed until you have emailed the signed and fully completed learning agreement to

To be registered and enrolled in a minor course at HU, you will have to take certain steps.

The HU minor courses open to students from other higher education institutes affiliated with KOM are published on the KOM website Whether your institute is affiliated with KOM, you should check yourself.

Open a KOM account. The email address in your account will be used to send you the information about the steps that you will have to take to apply and enrol.

To apply for a minor course, click the application button on the webpage of the minor course that you would like to take. Please check if you meet the entry requirements. Download and print the learning agreement for the minor course. From 12 April you can download the learning agreement.

Fill in all the blanks in the learning agreement and ask the Examination Board for your degree programme for permission to take the minor course. A representative of this Examination Board will sign the learning agreement. You will also sign it.

Please check carefully whether all the required details have been completed, scan the entire learning agreement and send it to You will receive a confirmation of receipt by email the same day. You will usually hear within 10 work days whether you have been allocated a place in the minor course.

Minor courses always come under degree programmes. If you have been admitted to a HU minor course, you will receive an email with the request to enrol in the umbrella HU degree programme. Please wait for the email before you take this step and make sure that you enrol in Studielink as a post-propaedeutic year (main phase) student!

To enrol at HU without paying additional tuition fees, we need a Statement of Tuition Fees Paid. Check the intranet of your home institute where and how you can obtain this statement. A Statement of Tuitions Fees Paid is only issued after you have authorised your home institute to debit your account for the payment of the tuition fees for the academic year in which you will take the minor course.

Send your orginal Statement of Tuitions Fees Paid to HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Enrolment Backoffice, attn. HU Minor Course Coordination Team, PO Box 8218, 3903 RE Utrecht. Please state the title of the minor course and your HU student registration number at the top of the statement.

You will receive confirmation as soon as your application and enrolment are definitive. For a minor course starting in September, you will receive the first email with information as to when and where you are expected to attend shortly before the summer break. If your minor course is taught in period CD, you can expect this email before the Christmas break.

Did you choose a minor course to be taught in period CD? There is a small risk of the minor course being cancelled due to a low number of applications. If so, you will receive an email in the first week of July. This mail will include information about the steps that you will then have to take to register for one of the other minor courses instead. You will be supported by HU in all this.