Deepen or broaden your knowledge!

Do you want to specialize in a certain part of your profession? Or do you want to do something special, such as learning an extra foreign language? With a minor you get the chance to deepen or broaden your studies to your own interests. With a specific minor on your CV you can also be one step ahead of employers.

What exactly is a minor? Read more!

Minor offer

Are you an HU student and do you want to participate in a HU minor in academic year 2021-2022? Then choose a minor course from the offer, which consists about 150 minor courses. If you want to participate in a minor course somewhere else in the Netherlands, or if you are a student from an other higher educational institute, please go for the minor course offer to www.kiesopmaat.nl.

Minor offer 2021-2022

How to enrol

From 12 - 19 March, HU students can enter their top 3 minor courses in Osiris. On 8 April there will be drawn lots. Students from outside HU can download the learning agreement for a HU minor course as of 12 March from Kies op Maat.

The enrolment procedure


When do you have to take action to complete your enrolment for a HU minor course in 2021-2022? Check out the calendar.

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