Enrolment for a HU minor, how does that work? (only for HU students)

Would you like to enrol as a HU student for a HU minor in the 2024-2025 academic year? Every year there are a number of minors for which there is more interest than space. To give everyone the fairest possible chance to participate in a HU minor of his/her/their preference, there will be a draw on April 11. You participate in this by entering your top 3 minors in Osiris during pre-registration from March 15 to 22. This post answers the frequently asked questions about this procedure.

Should I give up my top 3 as soon as possible on March 15 to have a better chance of being drawn for my preferred minor?
No, you do not have to do this immediately on March 15 at midnight. There is no first come, first serve. You have all week to submit your top 3.

Do I really have to give up three minors?
By specifying three minors you have a better chance of being selected for a minor that you really want to do. After all, it is a draw: it may happen that your first and second preferences are so popular that you are not drawn. Then you have at least given up a third preference. You will ultimately be enrolled in one of the three minors from your top three (if there is enough space).

Do I have a better chance of being selected for my favorite minor if I only enter one minor?
No. If you enter one minor that happens to be very popular, there is a greater chance that you will be selected.

Where should I pay attention to when compiling my top 3?
It is important to look carefully at the admission requirements of the minors that interest you, and whether the minors are permitted by your examination board. It may be that the minor of your choice has too much overlap with your bachelor’s program.

The draw is for all periods (AB, CD and Lint). Enter your top 3 in order from most favorite to least favorite in Osiris and check whether you have mentioned the correct period for each minor. Will your favorite minor be given in period AB and CD and do you know that it is a popular minor? Then you can choose (if your study plan allows this) to put the minor on 1 (for example AB) and on 2 (for example CD) to spread your chances. You then set another minor to 3.

How do I know that my pre-registration has been successful?
Your top 3/pre-registration can be found in Osiris under pre-registration minor and you will also receive an automatic confirmation in your HU email (confirmation of pre-registration minor). Check whether you have received this confirmation and whether your top 3 is correct. If you do not receive confirmation of your pre-registration, something went wrong. You can only re-enter your pre-registration during the period 15 to 22 March.

I would like to change the order of my top 3. Is this possible?
Adjusting your top 3 is only possible in the period 15 to 22 March. After March 22, you can no longer change anything.

When and how will I receive the results of the draw?
You will receive the results of the draw in your HU email on April 11.

I am also looking into a minor outside the HU. How do I register for that?
The pre-registration and draw is only for HU minors; You do not enter minors from other educational institutions in Osiris. Registration for a minor outside the HU can be completed via www.kiesopmaat.nl.

I did not participate in the pre-registration and draw. Is there still a possibility to register for a minor for next academic year?
From Monday, April 15, you can register for a minor in Osiris, provided there is still room. More information about registration and deadlines can be found here.

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