I am a student from an other educational institution and I want to/am going to participate in an HU minor (KOM student)

The minor courses available at HU will be published on www.kiesopmaat.nl on 1 February. The minor courses for Kies op Maat is also searchable on this site. Please note that not all HU minors are offered through Kies op Maat.

You can enrol for the minors of HU via www.kiesopmaat.nl. After registration via Kies op Maat (www.kiesopmaat.nl), students are instructed to apply for HU via Studielink and via Osiris Registration. Below you can see the steps taken by the KOM student.

Step 1: Download the learning agreement via Kies op Maat

Download the learning agreement for the minor of your preference via www.kiesopmaat.nl. Fill in the learning agreement and ask the Examination Board of your study program to sign and stamp the learning agreement. Sign the learning agreement yourself. Check that all details have been entered and make a PDF of the learning agreement.

Step 2: Register for a minor at HU via Studielink

Log in to Studielink. Go to Study Programmes tab and click Add new enrolment application and choose Hogeschool Utrecht at the institution. After you enter the keyword “Minor” or “KOM”, a list of HU’s KOM minors will appear. Click on the minor for which you want to apply, answer the questions and register.
After registering in Studielink, you will receive two emails: one confirming your registration at HU and immediately afterwards an email containing the login codes for and the link to Osiris Registration from HU. If you do not receive the second e-mail, check your spam first and otherwise send an e-mail to komminors@hu.nl.

Step 3: Upload Learning Agreement in Osiris Application

Log in to Osiris Registration from HU. Answer the questions, upload your learning agreement and send the application. Only then can we process your application. The registrations are processed in order of receipt.
You will receive an email about the progress of your application within ten working days. If the minor has an intake, the lecturer of the minor will contact you. If there is no place left on the minor, you will receive a message.

Step 4: Deliver the Statement of Tuition Fees Paid (STFP) 2021-2022

You can apply for the STFP for the academic year 2021-2022 at your home institution. You do this only after the HU has signed your learning agreement. After HU has signed your learning agreement, you will receive a confirmation email and information about the steps you will take to request the BBC at your home institution.

We will start processing STFP’s from June. After processing your STFP, you will receive an email confirming that your registration at HU has been completed and information about applying for a student card. Your registration at HU must be completed before 1 September, or 1 February if you start in February, to be able to participate in the minor education and the tests.

Step 5: Activate HU email account

You will receive a message at your Studielink email address with the request to activate your HU account. This message will be sent from the beginning of June if you start your minor in September and from the beginning of November if you start in February. This gives you access to all HU facilities. After activation, keep a close eye on your HU student email address. You will receive information about your student card and the start and preparation for the classes.

Your minor contact person will inform you about the start and the preparation for the classes. Below, you can also find information about tests, extra test opportunities (resits) and some links to important digital systems HU uses.

Enrolment for a test

As a ‘KOM student’ you are registered for all your courses and for all the first test opportunities. For each course  you have two test opportunities per academic year. If you have to re-sit a test (because you missed or failed the first test), it is your responsibility to register for it. We advise you to register  for all your re-sits at the beginning of your minor so you don’t miss any deadline’s for registering for exams. You can find instructions for how to do so here. If you pass  the first test you will be automatically de-registered from the re-sit. Here you can  find  an overview of the regulations for participating in tests, such as bringing valid identification with you. You can find your personal test schedule in OSIRIS

Extra test opportunity

In the HU Teaching and Examination Regulations you can read which conditions you must meet in order to be eligible for an extra test opportunity. It is important that a dean supports your request. You can make an appointment with one of the HU deans via this link .

You can apply for the extra test opportunity via the Examination Board of the Institute of your minor. Via HUkas you can submit a substantiated request for an extra test opportunity to your exam board. To do so you need toknow which Institute and which study program to choose when filling in your request. This information can be found at www.minors.hu.nl on the page of the minor you are doing. Click on HU Minor courses and search for your minor. You will find the information you need on the minor page on the right.

Extra time and provisions for during tests

In certain cases the Examination Board of your minor can grant you extra time or exemptions from certain exam regulations. . You can submit a request  to the Examination Board together with the dean. The dean will ask you to provide evidence to support your request. In consultation with the dean you can  submit a request to the Examination Board. You will then receive a decision from the Examination Board whether the provisions  have been granted  (in whole or in part). The Examination Board will determine the duration of the provision. It is important that a dean supports your request. You can make an appointment with a dean by emailing to decanaat@hu.nl

Re-sitting a test in a following academic year

If you  are not  able to complete your minor before the  1st of September 2021, you can take two steps to be able to re-sit one or more tests in the academic year 2021-2022 (this can also be a report or presentation).

You take two steps before the 31st of August 2021:

Step 1: Re-enroll in Studielink for the minor re-sit and apply for a Proof of Tuition Fee Paid (BBC) 2021-2022.

  • You can re-register for the minor at the HU via Studielink. This is possible from mid-June. Please indicate that you are registering for a re-sit. You don’t have to upload a learning agreement again.
  • Authorize your home institution in Studielink for the deduction of your tuition fees for the academic year 2021/2022.
  • Send an email to your home study programme with the request to send the Proof of Tuition Fees Paid to the HU. To make it easy for you, an example mail is included. You can ask your home institution (the student service desk for example) to which emailaddress you can send the email. If you can’t figure out what to do, please send an email to komminors@hu.nl.


Dear Sir / Madam,

My name is XXX and my student number is XXX. In the 2021/2022 academic year, I will complete the minor XXX (state the name of the minor) that I followed at HU in the 2020/21 academic year. That is why I am applying for a Proof of Payment of Tuition Fee. On date XXX I issued an authorization for debiting the tuition fees.

The BBC must arrive at the HU no later than the 31st of August and can be sent to bi.backoffice@hu.nl. Can you state on the BBC that it is about completing the minor? I would also like to receive a confirmation when the BBC has been sent.


<Student name>

Step 2: Register for one or more tests

  • The test registration for Block A is open from 1st of July till the 30th of September. You can find an explanation about registering for tests here.
  • Register for the test with the “old” course / test code (the code under which you followed the relevant course).
  • If you cannot find a solution, you can contact the minor coordinator to find out when the tests are and / or which course / test code to register.


At the HU we use the digital course management system Canvas. It allows professors to post grades, information, and assignments online. Within Canvas you will find study guides and options for sharing information (feedback and peer feedback). You can log in to Canvas with your HU account via this link.


Gradework is a platform students use  for submitting assignments such as videos and PDFs. Teachers can assess  work students have   uploaded. This is called the Digital Submit and Assessment Box (DIBB). You can log in with your HU account here. You log in via the blue SURF button.


Information about the minors is not available yet on myHU. If you have a question visit www.minors.hu.nl or contact the  the minor coordinator.


Timetables (class and test timetables) are always posted within three weeks before the start of each teaching period on the MYSchedule website. To view the class schedule, you need the code for your group schedule. To view your group-code, log in to OSIRIS and click on the Services tab (under the My details menu). If you have any questions, contact the minor contact person.

Receiving minor course certificate and input study results at home institution

After all your study results are registered in Osiris, your minor course certificate will be send to your home address within five weeks. You can deliver a stamped copy of your certificate to your home institution, so they can process your results.

If you can’t wait too long for your certificate because you want to graduate this academic year, please send an email to studievoortgang@hu.nl and request if they want to send a stamped student progress survey with your minor course results per email to your exam board. Don’t forget to mention their email address. HU will make sure that your exam board will receive your results, so they can be processed.

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