External HU minor options

If there are no suitable minor options within the course offered by the HU, then it is possible to follow a minor module abroad or at another (applied) university.


If you wish to undertake a minor option abroad you need to register on time! Visit the International Office’s website for more information.

Tailor-made choice

You can choose to undertake a minor option at another (applied) university. The HU has entered into a collaborative agreement with other (applied) universities under the umbrella term: Kies Op Maat (Tailor-made Choice, or KOM). This is an online platform where students of a institution which participates, are able to choose minor modules and subjects at other participating institutions. More information, including the registration process is available on the Kies Op Maat site (through ‘For institutions’, right on the page).

In brief, the registration process is a follows:

  1. Once you have found a suitable minor option within Kies Op Maat, you need to follow the registration process as described on the Kies Op Maat website.
  2. You will ultimately have a learning agreement (signed by three parties) for the relevant minor option and you will have a 2nd registration with the host institution.
  3. Once you have successfully completed the minor option, you will need to apply to the host institution for a certificate of completion. This certificate needs to be submitted to your own examination board with a request for the results achieved to be included in your examination results. This certificate needs to be signed by the relevant examination board.