Financial Markets & Investments

You follow financial news closely and are interested in developments in the financial markets. Perhaps you have already taken your first steps on the stock exchange. It is clear you…

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Sustainable City Imaginaries

(co-designed by Nuria Arbones Aran, Simoena Petkova and Radmila Radojevic)  Sustainability of cities is often focused on practical challenges that need to be solved: zero emissions infrastructure, ‘clean’ mobility, developing…

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Social Media: Influencing for Good

Define your personal mission and work towards a better future for all living things by finding your community using social media (in English or another language of your choosing). You…

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Creative Expression

Always wanted to explore your creative talents? In this minor we will dive right in, exploring a plethora of creative expressions by analysing, assessing and creating. You can expect: field…

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Business Management Analytics

Do you want to improve your analytics and reporting skills? Do you wish to be confident with the use of dynamic technology-tools that accelerate your business career? The Business Analytics…

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The State of the World

The State of the World seldom was as vibrant as it is nowadays. Even before COVID-19, the shifting international balance of power, Brexit, Trumpism, the climate crisis, social unrest and…

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Mindful Communication – English

We all communicate, from pitch and meeting to a session with a patient or client. Would you like to communicate more effectively and self-consciously? In this minor you will learn…

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