What is a minor course?

What is a minor course?

What is a minor course?

A minor course is a unit of courses zooming in on a specific topic or discipline and usually taught over a period of six months.  A minor course will help you to gain new insights and demonstrably explore your interests. This is a great benefit in the future when you apply for a job and need to distinguish yourself from others. You can choose to take a minor course within your regular degree programme to specialise within your discipline or in a different discipline to widen your professional perspective. Your minor course underlines your interests.

When do I take a minor course?

At HU, you can take a minor course in either period AB or period CD, or opt for a continuously running course taught in both periods AB and CD. Not all the minor courses are available in each period. Which and when they will be running, is stated in the description of each course.

Your curriculum includes certain open timeframes for you to complete your elective course combination plan; these are specified in the Study Guide for your degree programme and are usually planned in the 3rd or 4th year.

What is the study load of a minor course?

The study load of a minor course is usually 30 ECTS credits. The number of credits corresponds to the time set aside for the elective course combination plan in most of the full-time degree curriculums at HU. At HU, this equals at least 30 ECTS and 60 ECTS at maximum. For part-time degree programmes, the number is usually lower.

What are the minor course options?

There are three options. You can take a minor course taught at HU, complete a minor course provided by another institute for higher education affiliated with ‘Kies op Maat’ (KOM), or enrol in a minor course abroad. The range of minor courses available within the Netherlands is listed on the KOM website www.kiesopmaat.nl. If you would rather go abroad, please visit https://husite.nl/gointernational/ for more information.

Sustainable minor

HU has a wide range of minors. If you’re interested in sustainability in relation to your field of study, HU is the place for you. Green Office compiled a list of the most sustainable minors and marked them with the Green Office logo. For more information on why Green Office deemed this minor sustainable, have a look at the Green Office website.

Are there other possibilities to fill in my elective course combination?

Yes.  At HU, you can take a transfer programme instead. This is a combination of courses that will make things easier for you when you transfer to a master’s degree programme later. Another option is to design your own elective course combination plan, stacking courses of your own choice. You will have to submit your proposal for the plan, including an appropriate title on the front page, to the Examination Board for your degree programme. You will have to motivate your design and explain its added value to your studies or future career.

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