For Selficient the race was the Solar Decathlon in Denver. We did not end in the first place, but we did win a lot of things. We earned the respect and help from HU Utrecht University of applied Sciences, which resulted in applying for a place in the Solar Decathlon 2019 in Hungary.

Yesterday we heard that our efforts are well recieved and that the jury believes that our team will bring a quality house towards the competition. Because of the acknowledgement, we are now through to the finales in the Solar Decathlon 2019 in Hungary.

With new teammembers and the knowledge of old participants, we will try to win more prizes in the Solar Decathlon Hungary. We believe that this concept has potential. We know so, due to our prize in Denver.
It has market potential, we just have to polish our rough diamond.

While we think about how we will accomplish this quest, we also thought about a few new elements where we would like to put focus on. Not only should it be made out of cyclical elements and modular built, it should also focus on the needs of the user itself. How does the user likes the comfort in the house? And what brings the comfort to another, a higher, level? Furthermore, the house should be aknowledge the health and safety of its residents without them to think about it. So we will implement more nature and create awareness around healthy environments.

We are looking forward to participate in the finale of the Solar Decathlon Europe 2019!