HU-Community (EN)

HU-Community (EN)

Quite a few HU students and staff members work to ensure that everyone feels at home at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. Indeed, every year countless initiatives are organised for and by the members of the HU community.  The Community Building and Studentegagement programme allocates funding to support ideas proposed by the HU’s students and staff members. To be eligible for funding, these initiatives need to help foster a strong community spirit within the HU and/or stimulate the involvement of its students. Both students and staff members are welcome to submit applications. As of 2019, the programme has a budget of €2 million, which will be increased annually to a total budget of €4 million by 2024.

The initiatives supported through the Community Building and Student Involvement programme help to strengthen the spirit of community and/or involvement of students. Below you can read more about the iniatives that exist.

Incidental initiatives

Incidental initiatives are organised for a particular occasion and do not have to benefit the entire HU community: they can also focus on students in a specific degree programme, for example.

Rainbow bike path

Last year, HU student Elias van Mourik had an idea. What if we realised a rainbow-coloured bike path at Utrecht Science Park: an inspiring daily reminder of the need to promote inclusion and diversity? This proposal was warmly received by, among other parties, the City of Utrecht, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences (HU) and Utrecht University. And on 7 June, work started on transforming a stretch of bike path along Padualaan/Heidelberglaan into the world’s longest rainbow bike path.

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AAA Conference

Students at the HU will be organising a conference under the header ‘Arguments Against Aggression’. This event aims to open up the issues faced by the LGTB community at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht – including hate speech, micro-discrimination and unfair treatment – up for discussion among students and lecturers, as well as offer tools for dealing with such problems.

Political Junkie Breakfast

After every primary election in the US, the team behind the Political Junkie Breakfast organise a special breakfast session during which attendees can discuss the results of the election. A number of these sessions will be presided over by experts and well-known speakers. The series offers a great opportunity for students and staff members to meet other members of the HU community who share their interest in American politics.

Structural initiatives

Structural initiatives are initiatives that span a number of years and are to the benefit of the entire HU community.

Student Support Centre

The Student Support Centre (SSC) is for and by students. Within the SSC, students, student counsellors and lecturers offer trainings, support groups of peers and buddies or contribute to the organisation. The centre coordinates, organises and facilitates programme-independent counselling and support services for HU students in the interest of a more inclusive university of applied sciences.

Student counselling

The pressure to perform has increased in recent years – both in society in general and among students. We can observe an increase in burn-out symptoms, mental issues and stress-related complaints. The HU’s counsellors and psychologists are going the extra mile to offer students adequate support that is tailored to their needs.


The Studeren+ initiative focuses on students who have a functional impairment. Studeren+ works to ensure that these students feel welcome within the HU. The initiative raises awareness of what it means to actually study, do a work placement or work with a functional impairment. The participating students think along about the HU’s policies, facilities and inclusion.

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Interdisciplinary honours education

Interdisciplinary honours education offers students the freedom to seek out extra challenges beyond the boundaries of individual institutes and degree programmes.


Students can come together in the StudieHUiskamer every week to jointly work on their academic success. Students – and specifically those who have fallen behind in their study or run into a delay – can take advantage of structural support and counselling that focuses both on practical and psychological aspects.

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A HU initiative that promotes cultural activity and debate. Organised by students for students – and everyone else who is interested. Podium organises stimulating talk shows, topical debates, creative workshops and cultural lectures. Both online and on location.

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Any HU student can turn to this language centre for extracurricular support in the Dutch language – be it for their studies or for their career. The Taalsupport programme includes individual language coaching sessions, workshops and support via a digital language desk and can be supplemented, where required, by other valuable support facilities – based on needs indicated by students.
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HU Home

The HU Home project brings refugee students studying at the HU in touch with other HU students. The initiative aims to make it easier for highly-qualified refugee students to feel at home in their class, at the HU and in Dutch society.

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Diversity and inclusion

This project promotes diversity and inclusion, regardless of a person’s cultural background, sex, gender or sexual orientation. We need to create a safe learning and work environment, where everyone feels at home – and free to develop their talents and interests. Elena Valbusa, Diversity Officer at the HU works together with the Diversity and Inclusion Network to reach these goals.

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HUwerkbijjestudie is a platform where supply and demand for education-relevant paid work for HU students comes together. Students can look for future-oriented paid employment such as education-relevant side jobs, innovation traineeships and soft skills training. Soft skills training is organized in coordination with the Student Support Center (SSC) and aims at successful preparation for the labor market. At HUwerkbijjestudie students and partners can continuously develop new services based on changing needs in order to keep the services up to date and relevant.

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Gender & Sexuality Alliance

The GSA aims to raise awareness about queer issues HU-wide and thus enhance the sense of home for queer people. We do this with activities around events such as Coming Out Day, Purple Friday and a boat in the Canal Pride. We also offer accessible Safe Space meetings and social gatherings to various queer groups.

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