Co Challenge – honourstraject met studenten van UU | starting May 6

Co Challenge – honourstraject met studenten van UU | starting May 6

Take the opportunity to work on a real-world case and deliver an innovative and feasible solution to the Municipality of Utrecht. In this elective you will have the opportunity to experience a multidisciplinary environment of students and professionals and get inspired by workshops, personal coaching sessions, inspirational talks and seminars ultimately leading you to an innovative and creative solution! Experience a different type of learning and develop further your professional and personal skills.

This years’ Co-Challenge is focusing on the topic of student wellbeing and stress relief. Students will work in teams on interventions that could relieve some of these pressures. This can be done in various ways such as creating awareness, shaping a safe study environment, prevention and early recognition of signs-of-trouble, education of teachers and counsellors, and sufficient types of focused outreach.

Join this initiative and be part of the solution!

What: Utrecht University – broad English Elective – 3 ECTS
Who: 3d year bachelor, MSc and PhD students from Utrecht University, recent graduates and HBO
When: 6th -17th May 2019 (full-time)
Where: Utrecht Science Park

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