Art of Writing

All students, full-time and part-time, who have an interest in English language creative writing skills.

Entry requirements

A minimum of B2-level English writing ability.


The writing minor offers students a variety of writing modules in the English language. The minor presents an attractive option to anyone aiming to develop their English writing skills, their creative process and their critical thinking abilities. While the course Fiction Writing challenges students to engage in, among others, characterisation and world building, Nonfiction writing focuses on tapping into personal experiences to engage the reader. The Poetry and Script Writing modules offer insightful and practical techniques from experienced educators, which culminate in public readings and performances.

Key to every course is the exploration and analysis of writing theory, published authors and the students’ own work. Through a series of lectures, workshops and feedback sessions, students will learn to understand contemporary literature, apply that understanding to their own practice and critically edit their work in order to clearly express their ideas and possibly even to prepare for publication

Learning objectives

  • To express one’s ideas in English for professional purposes;
  • To learn about oneself and the world while writing;
  • To develop different skills sets and talents related to writing.


Fiction Writing
The Fiction Writing module covers literary elements, conventions, and narrative techniques in contemporary short fiction, the understanding of which is then used to write original work. Students will have the opportunity to make literary choices, such as setting, plot, characterization and more, in their own short stories based on insights gained in discussions during the Fiction Reading sessions.

Nonfiction Writing 
In the Nonfiction Writing module, students study the techniques and trends in contemporary nonfiction in order to produce at least two forms of nonfiction writing. This includes but is not limited to news writing, a personal essay, or travel writing. Through a series of lectures, practical sessions and feedback meetings, students focus on the correct use of basic language elements, imagery, a variety of writing structures and the basics of the writing market and publishing options.

Poetry Writing
The Poetry Writing module invites students to study and imitate both verse and free verse poetry. With the guidance of experienced poetry writers, they will begin to appreciate meter, lining, rhyme, melody, and the meaning of familiar forms of poetry. Once students have learned appropriate uses of figures of speech, they will apply their knowledge in their own original elegies, odes, ballads, and comedic lyrics.

Screen and Script Writing
Students will study the conventions for writing scripts for drama, radio, television and film, before learning to apply them. Once they have analysed text and subtext in plays and television dramas, characterisation, plot and dialogue take centre stage. Through workshops and team script writing exercises, students will use storyboards and plan-aloud writing techniques. Their work will culminate in scripts performances in small groups, helping them to understand how to evoke responses from a live audience.

Creative Project: Longer Fiction or Nonfiction
In Creative Project students create a final writing project (the script, the novel, or the professional product) of at least 10,000 words or produce a new series of poems (15 pages) in response to a book of poetry.  Through a series of workshops and salons, students will apply all the knowledge and practice acquired throughout the minor in order to ultimately produce a 10,000 word original piece.Assessment

Classes will consist of lectures, activities, presentations, group work, journals, blogs, and written and oral tests. You will be assessed throughout and at the end of each course.


All courses will be assessed based on the students’ written work.


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  • Williford, Lex and Michael Martone, editors. Touchstone anthology of contemporary creative nonfiction: Work from 1970 to present.  2007.  ISBN: 9781416531746.
  • American Poetry and Literacy Project. 101 Great American Poems And Anthology.  1998. Dover edition. ISBN: 9780486401584.
  • Ricks, Christopher.  The Oxford Book of English Verse. 1999.  ISBN: 9780192141828.


Schedule will be determined and announced at a later date.

Additional costs

Possible additional costs come from the required reading.

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