Study choice counselling

The advisors at Study Choice Counselling offer counselling in choosing another bachelor, minor or master. Are you, or have you been the past year, a student at Hogeschool Utrecht (HU), you can make use of this service.

At this website you find online help and tools. If you need more help you can contact us for the following service: In an advisory session of 30 minutes we discuss your question(s) and together we determine what would help you in your decision-making process. Sometimes a follow-up session is required.

Through personal, autonomous counselling we can help you in your choosing process. For more awareness on your interests, study requirements, personality and qualities you can make use of several tests and exercises. We work by appointment only, all counselling is free of charge.

You can contact us for this service at If you sufficiently understand the Dutch language, we warmly welcome you to attend the start up meetings and workshops.