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FAQ for Master’s choice

See FAQ’s below.

How does the choosing of a bachelor, minor or master work?

Check out the theory on choosing for more insight in phases of choosing, common obstructing convictions and elements that matter in choosing a programme.

How do I know what I want and what program fits me?

Choosing a bachelor, AD or master requires self-knowledge; what interests you, what qualities do you have? It also requires research on the content of the bachelors or masters as well as orientation on jobs; which roles, tasks, working cultures suit you? Check out online support  and personal counselling on these subjects.

What English taught programmes are offered at the HU?

You can find the English Programmes here.

Where do I find information on studying at the HU in general?

You can find general information here.

Where do I find minors in English?

You can find Minors in English here.

What education does HU offer students following a bachelor?

The hbo-bachelor is a completed higher education with which you can get access to further education. The Associate degree is also a completed higher education, and sometimes with two extra years of education you can attain your hbo bachelor.

Some students aspire a deepening or broadening of their knowledge after the hbo-bachelor by continuing with a master, a post-bachelor or other ways of additional education after their hbo-bachelor. A hbo-bachelor does not give free admission to a hbo- or wo-master. Every institute which offers masters, determines specific admission rules. Entering a master thus mostly requires research in possibilities.
HU does offer two masterprograms for professionals which you can join when you finshed the right bachelor. There is also the possibility to use your minor space for (half a) premachelor program. You can also check the Dutch site for possible pre-masteroptions or find a master at Utrecht University. You can also consider summerschool or (other) exchange programs.

How do I know whether I have the capacity to successfully finish a premaster?

You start out by checking the way you managed your bachelor program. Did it take a lot of effort, did it take medium effort or maybe it went smoothly? What aspects mattered? Try to contact other students who follow(ed) a premaster. What was their experience? Find them for example by using your personal network or social media like LinkedIn or facebook; visit master’s open days or approach the teachers or spokesmen asking them about the experiences from students coming from hbo to wo. Check out the books in level and use this opportunity to also look at content: is that what you want to learn?

How do I know whether I will be admitted to a master?

To know this, check the requirements per institute. If they are not easily accessible, send an email to the admissions officer. Being a hbo-student you often need a premaster before you can be admitted. Sometimes your average grade is necessary. Sometimes a GMAT or premaster-assessment is part of the admission. To prepare yourself to the GMAT you can study the book ‘how to pass a gmat’ of Mike Byron.

What are the costs of a premaster?

The costs for a pre-master differ per university. Check the costs beforehand at the respective institute, because some masters cost up to 10.000 euro’s per year.

Besides a master, what other possibilities are there to continue studying after my bachelor?

Besides following a master after your bachelor, there are possibilities to continue your development. Check an English taught post-bachelor and other possibilities.
You can also develop yourself in other manners, for example by following a traineeship in a company of public organization: where you work and learn at the same time, meanwhile gaining working experience and building a network. A few years working experience gives you good insight in the demands of the labour market and how you would like to develop yourself further in your career. Sometimes postponing a master or post-bachelor can be helpful to (re)set your course.

Where do I find Dutch and Foreign masters?

What websites are useful for networking, jobs, research institutions?

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