Who does what?


Various initiatives are active within the HU with themes of diversity and inclusion. These are listed below with a brief explanation and a link or contact person.

Gender & Sexuality Alliance HU - GSA

Since 2019, the gender and sexuality alliance (GSA) has been active at Hogeschool Utrecht. The GSA comes from secondary education and is intended to increase lhbtiqa+ inclusion among young people. At the HU, the GSA aims to ensure that all students and employees of Hogeschool Utrecht feel at home, regardless of gender identity and/or sexual preference.

GSA wants to raise awareness about LGBTQ+ issues at HU and does this by organizing events such as Coming Out Day and Purple Friday. In addition, GSA organizes easily accessible social activities for the lhbtiqa+ community of the HU.

Send the GSA a message at gsa@hu.nl or contact us at https://linktr.ee/GSA_HU

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HU Home project

The HU HOME project links HU refugee students to other HU students. The aim of the HU Home initiative is that highly educated refugee students feel at home more quickly in the classroom, at the HU, and in Dutch society. Making visible and making better use of the talents of these students is also important in this initiative. This initiative also provides language support for the students.

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The PowerPlatform

The PowerPlatform, established in December 2018, is for all students of Hogeschool Utrecht, in particular for students+ (students with extra support needs or a request for help). We are committed to inclusive education and inclusive design of education within Hogeschool Utrecht. We do this at both HU locations, namely Utrecht and Amersfoort.

The PowerPlatform consists of a group of enthusiastic students, who all have different backgrounds. The PowerPlatform is a sounding board for the Hogeschool in the field of inclusive education and bottlenecks within current education. Our goal is to improve education, with the ultimate goal of fully inclusive education. Education where no one experiences barriers to follow!


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Cari-Mix is ​​a network of international students who study at Hogeschool Utrecht. The group started in Amersfoort in 2020 and currently consists of students from Aruba, Curacao, Suriname, and Congo.

The goals of Cari-Mix are as follows;

  • Creating connections between international students.
  • Offering international students a feeling of home within the HU and the study program.
  • Sharing knowledge and experiences with each other.
  • Support each other.

Activities and meetings
To achieve the stated goals, Cari-Mix organizes activities and meetings. Socializing is, of course, part of it! That is why a meeting is organized every other week. Sometimes this is online, and the next time on location. The gatherings are various social and educational activities, such as scavenger hunts, get-togethers, and picnics.

Cari-Mix wants to be there not only for students in Amersfoort but also for students in Utrecht. That is why they are looking for more international students who study at HU and want to join the Cari-Mix.

For more info or questions, contact:
E-mail: huculturalmix@hu.nl
Whatsapp: +31655178849

Project: discussing sensitive issues in class

With the project ‘Discussing sensitive issues in the classroom’, the Institute for Social Work, together with the Diversity & Inclusion Network and the Teaching and Learning Network, wants to answer this question and respond to this need. The project aims at a more uniform approach and tools for teachers to be able to have the right conversation in class.

For more information about the project, read on the article Project: discussing sensitive issues in class 

For questions about the project and contact, you can send an e-mail to the project leader Nadezda Broshuis: nadezda.broshuis@hu.nl