International Advertising

For whom

If you are a Marketing student and you are considering a future in advertising, this programme is for you!

Entry requirements

To enter this programme, you need a foundation of introductory course(s) in Marketing Management.
Further, you need to have attained English language skills at CEFR level B2. In the first week, you will take a compulsory English proficiency test in order to be allowed to participate in the courses Copywriting and Creative Research.


Your whole life you have been confronted with advertising: billboards, ads, brochures, banners, virals, pop-ups, and many more. But what is advertising? It is more than the message that fills the space around television programmes and newspaper and magazine articles.

If you take a deeper look, you’ll see that advertising is a complex form of communication, based on strategies and objectives that need to impact on the thinking, feeling and actions of consumers. In this programme, you learn about the principles and practice that make an advert effective.

Learning objectives

To be able to act as a (starting) professional in the international advertising world.


The programme takes place during one semester and contains the following courses:

Course unit title ECTS
Branding Strategy 5
Cultural Values and Communication in an International Perspective 5
Creative Research 5
The Psychology of Marketing Communication 5
Copywriting 5
Final Creative Assignment 5

Please note that the programme reflects a (logical) bundle of courses/subjects and should normally be followed as such. It is not possible to combine (two or more) programmes in one single period.

Passing all courses leads to the internationally recognised IAA certificate.


Assessment takes place through:

  • Assignments
  • Written exams
  • Multiple-choice exams


You will receive a definite reading list before the start of the minor.


The timetable and the teaching days are not yet known.

Additional costs