Students that would like to learn how to start up their own company or students that would like to further develop their own company (HU, Exchange and KOM). So, if you want to startup your own company, then this is the right minor for you!

In a rapidly and constant changing world it is useful and relevant to be flexible, to see opportunities in these changes and to have the skills to start a business from these opportunities. The world needs (sustainable) solutions for social and environmental challenges and young entrepreneurs have been able to demonstrate a different mindset and innovative solutions for these challenges. We can see that students have great ideas for starting their own companies and offer you a learning environment to experiment with and develop your entrepreneurial ideas.

Entry requirements

English level B2 (according to CEFR).


Within this minor you can start your own company or further develop your own company. We provide you with concepts, tools and theories to (further) develop your entrepreneurial skills.

Do you want to start your own company and do you want knowledge and guidance to realize this? Or have you already started and can you use some guidance in further developing your company? During this minor you will experience what it is like to start a company and how to further develop it. You will have to do the work because it is your company but we offer you coaching, tools, theories and time implement this. Your ideas come to live and we encourage you to actually develop your product and service. You reach out to potential customers and you draft a financial plan. You will face challenges and develop yourself as an entrepreneur and at the end of this minor you will have a startup.


Entrepreneurship (20 ECTS)
You will spend most of your time within the minor on the creation or further development of your company ( 20 ECTS). You will able to choose how you will do that; independently or together with other students and we provide you knowledge, tools and coaching.

Entrepreneurial competencies (5ECTS)
This minor also offers you a personal development part in which you will focus on your entrepreneurial competencies (5ECTS); which competencies do you have and which competencies would you like to develop to be able to (further) develop your company and to become a successful entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurial expertise (5 ECTS)
To become a successful entrepreneur in your industry you need to have specific knowledge or skills. Within the minor we offer you the opportunity to do research as part of the entrepreneurial expertise course (5ECTS), participate in online courses and talk with experts to expand knowledge and skills that are useful for the development of your company.


You build a case for your business and you do practical assignments but the most important test is if your business is a viable business.


‘Disciplined Startup Founder’ – Robert de Bruijn; ‘Designing your Life’ – Bill Burnett & Dave Evans.


You will start with the entire group full-time for two weeks and after that you will have classes scheduled on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and you are able to work at least four days per week on this minor.

Additional costs



This minor course is marked by the Green Office as a sustainable minor. This means that by participating in this minor course, you can contribute to one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals from the UN.


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