International Development Work

This minor programme is open to all students, but we explicitly recommend it to Social Work, Health Care, Pedagogy, Education & Teaching, Law, Security Studies, Human Resource Management and Economics students.
We gladly welcome incoming international exchange students!

You can also follow this minor as a part-time student. Ask the minor contact person for the possibilities.

Entry requirements

To enter this programme, you need to have completed at least two years’ education at your own university (i.e. be a third-year student). Further you are expected to have good oral and written English language skills.


The minor International Development Work (IDW) focuses on international development issues in a globalising world. It will give you a solid foundation in international development work theory, and provide you with the opportunity for (extended) field practice. You’ll attend lectures from Dutch and international experts. You work alone and in small groups of fellow highly-motivated (international) students.

For students who want to spend more time in the field, we offer the exciting opportunity to spend the second part of the minor abroad, working on an extensive field project. The option to go abroad is only open to our Dutch students due to contract obligations with our international partner universities.

Learning objectives

Objectives for each course are formulated in an extensive brochure on the minor’s programme. Please send an email to if you would like to receive the brochure.


The programme takes place during one semester and contains the following courses:

Theoretical option
Title ECTS
Development Studies 1 5
Development Studies 2 5
Social Business 5
Community Development 5
Fieldwork NL 5
Climate and Ecological Justice 5

Theoretical/Extended fieldwork option*
Title ECTS
Development Studies 1 5
Climate and Ecological Justice 5
Community Development 5
Fieldwork Abroad 15

*This option is only open for Dutch students, not for incoming international students.

Please note: The Development Studies 1 course is mandatory for both part-time and full-time students.

Please note that possibilities for Fieldwork abroad and excursions might be limited, depending on the course of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021.


Assessment takes place through various assignments (written exams, individual reports, group presentations) in which your knowledge, understanding and critical reflection of social development theories and practical experience are tested.




This programme takes place in period A/B; it starts in September.

Additional costs


  • Transportation Utrecht-The Hague v.v.
  • Transportation Utrecht-Brussels v.v.
  • € 100 for two nights in Brussels hostel


This minor course is marked by the Green Office as a sustainable minor. This means that by participating in this minor course, you can contribute to one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals from the UN.


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