American studies in advanced English


With more than 325 million inhabitants and a land mass 321 times the size of the Netherlands, the United States has a diverse culture that is sometimes difficult to comprehend. The election of Trump, the unpredictable character of its foreign policy, and its gun laws often make US politics enigmatic to outsiders.

What will you do?

The aim of this minor is to broaden your understanding of US history and to expose you to a cultural studies approach. Given the fact that all classes and assignments will be in English, you will have a chance to improve your speaking and writing skills in one of the world languages as well. The six courses in the minor provide a thematic approach to contemporary American culture. During the courses you will have many chances to develop your creativity, research skills, and skills at doing cultural analysis. Classes will consist of lectures, activities, presentations, group work, journals, blogs, and written and oral tests.

Entry requirements

The level of language proficiency necessary to participate in the minor is a high B2 in reading and a low B2 in writing, but these levels are not an official requirement. Students need to read a lot, give presentations, and write essays in English. In case you have any doubts about your level, a free written and spoken assessment is available. Please contact the minor coordinator for more information.