English Language and Culture

We live in a globalized community where the borders between countries no longer exist when it comes to the economy, communication and tourism. Many professional contexts are therefore no longer limited to The Netherlands and effective communication in an international language has become essential. English is world language number one and a good command of this language will enhance your professional chances. During this minor you work on improving your English language skills for two periods.

In period one students start off with a course on language skills, which is aimed at improving fluency, acquiring the basic principles of formal writing and learning to analyze your own proficiency in speaking and writing. Alongside the language skills course students also take a grammar and basics course which is aimed at supporting the students in becoming better speakers and writers by teaching them spelling, grammar and pronunciation. During period one students also get to know American culture by learning about American history, politics and people.

In period two students continue training their language skills at a more advanced level. The speaking and writing classes in period two focus more on formal use of language. After learning about American culture, students now focus on contemporary British culture. This course gives students the opportunity to visit Britain for a week (this will not be financed by the Hogeschool Utrecht). For the last 5 EC students can choose a course that best suits their ambitions and development. We offer Business English, Cambridge Exam Training and Literature (NOTE: there are limited places available per elective module).

Your level of English is the starting point for the minor. Before you start taking classes you are assessed and together with your teachers you decide what you want and have to work on in order to achieve the language level you are aiming for. Your teachers are native speakers or have spent an extended period of time in an English speaking country.

See for more information English Language and Culture Course Guide.

Entry requirements

All classes are taught in English and you need to have at least HAVO level of English (CEF/ERK level B1).