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The SSH (Stichting Studenten Huisvesting, Student Housing Foundation) has a variety of rooms, studios and apartments available for students in Amersfoort and Utrecht. The accommodations are situated in the city centre or neighbouring areas. To qualify for housing through the SSH, you must meet certain requirements and they do have a waiting list, so do not leave it too long. They charge a fee for registration costs. For additional information and to respond to available rooms please go to the website.

Kamernet and

Kamernet has many rooms, studios and apartments available for students in Amersfoort and Utrecht.
To respond to available rooms, you pay a certain fee through a premium account. You must cancel this account yourself when it is no longer required, or it will continue to run. Check the website for additional information.

Private rooms and rental accommodation in Utrecht is the largest rental housing marketplace in the Netherlands, with an accommodation range offered by housing brokers and private individuals.

Kamernet offers a wide range of rooms, studios and apartments in both Utrecht and Amersfoort. In order to be eligible to respond to an offer, you will need to pay a fee for their premium account. Be sure to cancel this account yourself (once you no longer need their services) or else payment will automatically be renewed. NidoStudent also offers rooms and studios in various buildings in Utrecht.

Looking for Rooms on FaceBook

On FaceBook, you will often see posts by students who are looking for other students to share accommodation. If you are using FaceBook it is easy to leave a non-committal comment on these posts. Below, you can find some FaceBook pages, which will help you find available rooms and other accommodation:

Viewing Tips

Usually when you are invited to view a room in Utrecht you are not alone. You will be interviewed and also meet the other residents of the house, who are involved in selecting their new roommate. On this website (Dutch only) some tips on how to deal with the interview.

Huurteam Utrecht (Rental Team Utrecht) in case of Rental Problems

Fair rents, decent housing, reasonable letters. If you experience problems regarding your accommodation, rent or landlord/lady, the Huurteam Utrecht can advise you, free of charge.

Housing and rental advice | HU Helps (

Legal Helpdesk

The Legal Helpdesk, situated at the Padualaan 101 and run by Students of the University of Applied Sciences’ Bachelor Programme ‘Legal Social Services’and Law’, can advise you on your student rights. They also have a consultation hour on financial issues for questions pertaining to this topic. For more information, please check out the Legal Helpdesk for Students’ Website (Dutch only).

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